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Art should usher us forward to the unseen and the unknown, address the known, and urge us to question this reality, so alternative understandings of the world and the way we live may occur.


Hereni Nasara 1 (inspired by Nasara, one of the wives of Avenge with typical fan-shaped style of the Zande Democratic Republic of Congo)
- Hereni Nasara -
tuna kiwango? 1
- Tuna Kiwango? -
When is the right time?
- The Colonies and the Queen -
the Nywele edition- Jordan awori
- 33 to 34 -
One-way conversation 1  (Image used: British soldiers assist police searching for Mau Mau members in Kariobangi, Kenya, 1954. Photograph: popperfoto/Getty Images)  (Text used: extract from the article "The Humboldt forum and colonial robbery by Deutschland funk, quoting Museum director Lars-Christian Koch)
- One Way Conversation -
kujificha 1 (Mask inspiration: The Bamileke Elephant masks of Cameroon) 
- Kujificha -
Leso 5 (Luhya text: Who are we?) Image used: Mangbetu woman of Congo
- Leso -
Day 4: SELF-ABSORBED (Media: Photomontage)
- 33 to 34 -
Khuchia Ena?
- Khuchia Ena? -
Kitamba 1 (Image used: Mangbetu Woman from Congo with a fine coiffe)
- Kitamba -
Chapa 6 (Image used: Queen Dowager Rosalie Gicanda (1928-20 April 1994) was the wife of Rwandan King (Kinyarandwa: Miami) Mutari III Rudahigwa)
- Chapa -

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