Let The Journey Begin: The Cultural Interior Decor Expert

Hey, I’m JORDAN AWORI, The cultural interior design & decor expert, and I’m here to explore, share, create and advise you on various cultural influences behind the creation of interior spaces and decor pieces.

So there’s this person who really likes fish and they are sure that that’s their life’s purpose. So they have their WHAT…fish. I’m sure you’re here thinking lucky them “at least they know what their life’s purpose is, as most people don’t”

Well, there’s one main problem!

They may have their WHAT but they don’t know their HOW. And by HOW I mean how they are interacting with their purpose. Are they meant to be a fisherman? or own a restaurant whose speciality is fish? a painter who solely paints fish? the list can go on and on and on.

What does this have to do with my journey beginning? Well, just click on this video and it shall all be revealed…


Part 2: Expounding on my journey: an in-depth look at what I promise to offer

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