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I intentionally incorporated contrasting elements in the short film "Walking on Sunshine."

I combined found footage from social media, depicting a racial assault incident that took place on Christmas Day 2022 in Orange Free State, South Africa, with my own visuals capturing the serene sky through the trees on a delightful summer day. This deliberate juxtaposition of distressing imagery with cheerful footage and accompanying music serves as my statement, expressing my frustration with the apparent disregard for evident injustices happening in the world today. Through this piece, I urge you, the viewer, to confront the uncomfortable realities that often go unnoticed. I want us to reflect on the world’s indifference and take action against injustice. The juxtaposition of contrasting scenes and emotions serves as a call to awaken our empathy and engage with the pressing issues around us.


Director and Editor: Jordan Awori

Music: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves (The artist does not own the copyright to the music. The film is an artistic work and shall not be used for any commercial purposes.)


Type: Short
Runtime: 2 minutes 46 seconds
Date: 2023


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