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Action against Hate: Diversity & Religion

25 February to 2 March 2023 – University of Westminster London

– Group Exhibition –

Nothing To Prove

2022, Digital, 420 x 297 mm

The piece is a celebration of people of all races, religions and gender identities who know their worth and don’t need others’ validation. Specifically, it celebrates those who identify as women because that is the artist’s focus. Living in Europe, the artist sees confident people living their diverse, brave, unapologetic truths daily.

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This exhibition by Get The Trolls Out!’ and the University of Westminster’s Diversity & Inclusion Research Community explores the theme of ‘Diversity and Religion’ through artwork and films made by artists and video makers from across Europe. With an emphasis on a recent increase in antisemitic and anti-Muslim visual images, this exhibition aims to counter such hateful content by promoting inclusive narratives about ‘Diversity and Religion.’

Nothing to prove!-University of Westminster’s Action against Hate: Diversity & Religion Exhibition in London
Nothing to prove!
© media diversity institute and get the trolls out

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