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'Tuna Kiwango?' Edition

(Part of the ‘Am I African Enough’ Collection)​

As a part of the collection, this edition consists of works that seek to show the faces behind the headlines on/in Africa. The artist also designed the newspapers to include 6 articles that shed light, criticise and educate about the continent, looking at different topics that unfortunately most of the world has intentionally chosen to ignore or twist about us!
(The ‘Am I African Enough?’ Collection? is a series of works where I question my African Identity as a born and bred Kenyan currently living in Germany. What is this “Africaness” I identify as? What truly makes me Kenyan? What makes me African enough?)
Details: Photomontage
tuna kiwango? 1
tuna kiwango? 1 (Text used look at the themes of African-food, nature, technology, music, afrofuturism and fashion) (image used: Untitled, 1962 by Malick Sidibé - Mali/Galerie Magnin-A, Paris)
tuna kiwango? 2
Tuna Kiwango? 2 (Text used look at the themes of African- queerness, poverty, religion, weddings, corruption and infrastructure) (image used: Young Wife and Mother, 1983 by Rachidi Bissiriou-Benin)
tuna kiwango? 3
Tuna Kiwango? 3 (Text used look at the themes of African-polyandry, Chinese relations, geography, dancing, healthcare and funerals) (image used: La Jeune Malienne, 1970 by Sory Sanlé-Burkina Faso)
tuna kiwango? 4
Tuna Kiwango? 4 (Text used look at the themes of African-languages, wars and conflict, entrepreneurship, women in politics, stolen art and film) (image used: Susane Adoun, Administrator of the then Sub-prefecture, 1973 by Rachidi Bissiriou - Benin)
tuna kiwango? 5
Tuna Kiwango? 5 (Text used look at the themes of African-art, diaspora, tribes, trade, renewable energy and education) (image used: Belle de Jour, 1975 by Sory Sanlé - Burkina Faso)
tuna kiwango? 6
Tuna Kiwango? 6 (Text used look at the themes of African-sports, minerals, sex and relationships, taxes, architecture and parenting) (image used by Malick Sidibé-Mali)

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