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Wananichunga Series

(Part of the ‘Am I African Enough?’ Collection)​

2023, Mixed Media on Paper, 420 x 297 mm
(Wananichunga: ‘They guard me’ in Swahili)
Through these artworks I sought to find comfort and reassurance in the legacy of African women who preceded me, those who exist alongside me, and those who will follow. The depiction of women from different African tribes and walks of life served as a personal testimony to the fact that “African” extends beyond a geographical label; it represents a profound spiritual bond. These women, through their presence and influence, demonstrate to both me and the world that our African identity is rooted in a deep bond that transcends borders.

The ‘Am I African Enough? ‘ collection is a body of work in which I question my African identity as a born and bred Kenyan currently living in Germany. What is this ‘Africaness’ that I identify with? What makes me truly Kenyan? What makes me African enough?

wananichunga 1
wananichunga 1
wananichunga 2
wananichunga 2

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