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Uso Series

(Part of the ‘Am I African Enough?’ Collection)​

Uso- Part 1

Uso- Part 2

2023, 14 secs, Photomontage in Video Format, HD 1080p

(Uso: Face in Swahili)

Through these videos, I honour ‘the black nod”. The nod that we, black people, use to acknowledge each other, just because we are black in areas where there are a few of us. This subtle gesture also represented by raised eyebrows or a subtle smile, translates to “Hey! I see you! I see myself in you, and I am glad to see you here! All the best! Take care!” creates an instant connection and kinship is like no other. This innate way of seeing ourselves in each other and celebrating it in a few seconds is an act I’ve chosen to celebrate because it brings me as a part of the African diaspora. So through this piece, I reflect my face with those of 14 African women from 14 of the more than 300 different African tribes that I see myself in and share an unspoken kinship with, no matter where I am in the world.

The ‘Am I African Enough? ‘ collection is a body of work in which I question my African identity as a born and bred Kenyan currently living in Germany. What is this ‘Africaness’ that I identify with? What makes me truly Kenyan? What makes me African enough?

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