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Nywele Series

(Part of the ‘Am I African Enough?’ Collection)​

Nywele 1 (video)

Chagua Style 1 and 2

Uke 1and 2

Nywele (Video): 2022, 19 secs, Photomontage in Video Format, HD 1080p

Chagua Style 1&2: 2023, Acrylic Paint, Printed photos and Thread , 420 x 297 mm

Uke 1&2: 2023, Acrylic Paint, Printed photos and Synthetic hair extensions , 400 x 680 mm

(Nywele: Hair and Chagua Style: Choose a Style – in  Swahili)

In these works, I address the ignorant and bothersome comments I’ve received following my decision to cut my hair. These comments have not only cast doubt on my African identity but have also dared to challenge my femininity. So, I pose a question to those who feel entitled to have an opinion about my hair or any African woman’s hair: What hairstyle would satisfy your criteria for my Africanness? What hairstyle would appease your standards of femininity? But most importantly, why do you even give a damn about my personal choices regarding my hair?

The ‘Am I African Enough? ‘ collection is a body of work in which I question my African identity as a born and bred Kenyan currently living in Germany. What is this ‘Africaness’ that I identify with? What makes me truly Kenyan? What makes me African enough?

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