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Kujificha Series

(Part of the ‘Am I African Enough?’ Collection)​

Kujificha 1: 2022, Mixed Media on Paper,  297 x 210 mm

Kujificha 2 (Rita and Seruya): 2023, Printed paper, coloured thread, cotton ‘African print’ facemask, 430 x 185 mm

(Kujificha: ‘Hiding oneself ‘in Swahili)

This series explores the masks that represent my personal experiences and emotions as a part of the African diaspora. Each piece aims to capture the complexity of my identity and expose the layers that hide my true self. Each mask symbolises the shield I use to protect myself from societal pressures, stereotypes and the challenges of representing my African heritage in a foreign country. It embodies both pride and vulnerability as I walk the line between assimilating and preserving my cultural roots. As I share the emotions and struggles of navigating multiple identities, I invite you to reflect on your own experiences and the masks you may wear in your life.

The ‘Am I African Enough? ‘ collection is a body of work in which I question my African identity as a born and bred Kenyan currently living in Germany. What is this ‘Africaness’ that I identify with? What makes me truly Kenyan? What makes me African enough?

Kujificha 1

Kujificha 2 (Rita and Seruya)

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