The Design Activist With The Blueprint To Africa

In this video I’m having a riveting and insightful conversation with Abidjan based Design activist Nana Spio-garbrah founder of Blueprint Africa.

A company whose main objective is to use visual branding and built environments as a window to the various sides of the African story.  The world should appreciate the ways in which rural-urban, poor and rich, trendy and traditional collide into the chaotic kaleidoscope that is everyday living in Africa. Intrigued? Well, prepare to laugh and learn as you watch our one on one conversation where we had an insightful talk on cultural identity, business pros and challenges, African policy, African design and manufacturing sector all while getting to know more about her.



Next Video: The Art Of Design Relationships: Ikea Design Relationships 


Check out Blueprint Africa’s  website, instagram, and facebook.

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