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The Colonies and the Queen Series

(Part of the Discussions Collection)​

When is the Right Time?:
When is the right time?
When is the right time? (Image used: 1. Queen Elizabeth II's coffin arrives at Edinburgh on 11th Sep 2022-AP and 2. 27 Kenyan suspects accused of taking part in a massacre are taken into court at Githunguri-Bettmann/CORBIS) (Text used: all text are from tweets found on Twitter by artist)
Timeline – Kenya and the Queen:

Quote used (centre of video): Tweet that artist found on Twitter.

These works highlight conversations on Twitter following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September. Conversations/arguments between citizens of former British colonies (especially in Africa) who are angry about the monarchy’s lack of remorse for colonial atrocities. And supporters of the monarchy, who either feel that it’s not the right time to have such conversations, or that if they do, they should acknowledge them as liberators rather than perpetrators. I then deliberately show these conversations with visuals and timelines of events that show the actual historical context they are based on, to let the facts speak for themselves.
When is the Right Time?:
2022, Digital, Photomontage, 297 x 420 mm
Timeline-Kenya and the Queen:
2022, Video HD 1080p, 7 mins 17 secs

This collection encompasses a series of thought-provoking works in which I aim to illuminate and interrogate the kinds of discussions that are addressing the diverse dynamics of oppression. Through these artworks, I hope to highlight the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations that address the many facets of oppression in our society.

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