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Tabaka Series

(Part of the ‘Safari’ Collection)​


Layered views. Layered scenes. Layered sounds. St.Peter-Ording  July 2023 (2023, 1 minute 23 seconds, Experimental Short Film, HD 1080p)


Going up through layers of experiences. Portugal  August 2023 (2023, 1 minute 36 seconds, Experimental Short Film, HD 1080p)

Lakes and Ducks and Things.  Denmark, August & September 2023 (2023, 1 minute 39 seconds, Experimental Short Film, HD 1080p)

(Tabaka: ‘Layer’ in Swahili)

These works explore the intricacies of my travels and experiences through a layering technique. As the pieces subtly depict my own personal and complex emotions with each location, you may find yourself on a journey of your own feelings. The works convey the notion that emotions are multi-layered and interconnected, with several coexisting at any given moment. Although one dominant emotion may surface, we are often experiencing a myriad of feelings layered simultaneously.

(Safari: ‘travel’ in Swahili)

‘The ‘Safari’ collection is a body of works created during some of my travels that are an ode to the place, the people and/or my experiences there. 

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