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Sessions 2022 Official Selection (B)

Raw (trailer above) is a short film illuminating, acknowledging and celebrating blackness. As a work of art, Raw explores Blackness that emerges from the individual and collective experiences of the African diaspora, mainly focused on Germany, where the artist currently resides.

It seeks to bring to life the complex and sometimes contradictory emotions that are both endured and enjoyed when living in diaspora situations where Blackness and all that comes with it is merely tolerated rather than accepted and celebrated.

Raw deliberates on these emotions, weighing up both the negativity of the Black experience but also its beauty.

Raw short film still by Jordan awori

In the piece, the viewer sees versions of the artist emerge from an emotional and raw outward expression. Occupying, understanding, embracing, fighting and supporting her through them.

Deliberately filmed in a simple format with merely a camera phone, Raw is a testament to the power and beauty of emotions in its truest form.

“This is NOT a plea of acceptance; this is a show of black beauty, fears or strengths/turmoils in all its rawness”, the artist insists. “It’s a message from a black person to all black people in the diaspora.”

The artist desperately created her debut film as a show of strength in vulnerability. Although she wants the viewer to have their own interpretation of the piece, it should not be one where they feel sorry for anyone adorned with beautiful black skin.

The artwork uses no recognisable language, only noises that universally convey an experience.

Raw short film still 2 by Jordan awori

Noises that say more than words could ever say. Noises that are Raw!


Director, Writer, Producer and Cast: Jordan Awori


Type: Short
Runtime: 10 minutes
Date: 2022


For screenings and awards contact 

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