Life-Work Planner (Design Your Balanced Life Planner)

Jordan Awori


This game-changing stylish, and minimalistic digital planner is all you need to get organized and stay on track with all aspects of your personal and professional life—enabling you to keep track of your goals, tasks, health, to-dos, finances, and more for years to come. Make life way more enjoyable, easier, and well-balanced by keeping all your notes, plans, and tasks in one place.

I initially created this planner for myself, having a hard time keeping track of all the things that are a part of ‘Jordan the individual’ and ‘Jordan the entrepreneur’, something I’m sure you can attest to even if you’re not an entrepreneur. Having used this planner daily and benefiting from it for a while now, I thought, why not make it available so you can get the same benefits I’ve been enjoying.

Find out more about what is in this amazing planner and how to use it HERE and for instructions on how to download and install it HERE.

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