Partner List

Are you:

a passionate female design entrepreneur

in the field of interior design and décor, product design or architecture.

An entrepreneur who feels a little overwhelmed by all of the advice around you and are tired of trying to find “the right way” to grow your business, nurture your creativity and live your ideal successful life. (spoiler alert: the only right way is YOUR way) 

a rule breaker

who wants to create unique designs, grow the design community, reach more people with your work and make an amazing impact on this planet.

a creative, resourceful and driven soul

who is ready to boot the status quo and start running your business and live your life on your terms.

Then my Partner List is definitely for you. Join now and never miss out on all the information that’ll help take you and your design business to great heights.

As a thank you, you’ll get my fantastic (and free) E-book ‘The Balancing Act, Ain’t an Act! – All you need to know to successfully balance your entrepreneurial and personal life.’ In it, I walk you through the fundamentals of balancing your life so that your business, creativity, and personal desires can flourish.

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