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'ourFrankfurt' Art Project

by Watu Collective

– Work In Progress – 

January to June 2024
ourFrankfurt‘ is an innovative and collaborative art project led by ‘Watu Collective,’, a Frankfurt based collective comprising of Kenyan artist Jordan Awori and German artist and producer Julia Rilling. The project aims to celebrate the rich cultural diversity and unity within Frankfurt by capturing the unique perspectives and favorite spots of its residents. Through surveys, participants share their connections with the city, detailing age, nationality, and reasons for selecting their favorite locations. The heart of the project lies in transforming these responses into artistic works, spanning various mediums such as paintings, drawings, videography, and audio recordings, all created by members of the collective. The resulting art pieces serve as representations of the diverse experiences of Frankfurt residents. The project extends beyond traditional exhibitions, incorporating a self-guided city tour with QR codes in strategic spots, providing public access to a dedicated website showcasing survey answers, artistic representations, and a map of favorite locations. The initiative promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and anti-racism, fostering unity and understanding as individuals explore the city collectively. Additionally, the project encourages community engagement by inviting visitors to share their own stories, further enriching the tapestry of ‘Our Frankfurt.’

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