Nyama Mama (Nairobi) – The Ultimate African Experience

In this video, I conducted my second feature on one of Nairobi’s most stylish restaurants.

Ladies and gentlemen presenting Nyama mama restaurant and specifically their Capital Centre branch. You’ll check out the space and hear from the owners themselves about what their inspiration and goal for the design was.



Part 2: When Design Meets The Spiritual/Natural World 


Be sure to visit Nyama Mama and tell them I sent you. If you’d like to find out more about Nyama Mama, the services they offer or to make a reservation check them out on their Website, Instagram and Facebook.


Additional Music:

Jamhuri Jam Sessions V03 E05: SWIGA – ROSELLA (Cover),

Jamhuri Jam Sessions at Nyama Mama V03 E01: THIRD-HAND MUSIC – Ninang’ara/Mwema/Mama Medley (cover)

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  • Area Kenya
  • Design Fields Interiors
  • Credits

    Shot: Imani pro photography, Edited: Jordan Awori

  • Music

    by 20 Phio Smooth Jazz House 2 by Inium_Effectoid

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