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Normalise Acknowledging The Downs In Entrepreneurship As Much As Celebrating The Ups!


Let’s normalise acknowledging the downs in entrepreneurship as much as celebrating the ups!

And as my main goal is to always help you grow I am dedicating the month of December to giving you the tools to help you deal with the anxiety and stress that comes with running your business and that inevitably has a toll on your mental health.

That way you can roll into 2022 with the self-confidence you deserve to have.  So look out for conversations with health experts, challenges dedicated to helping you practice self-love and so much more right here on the social media platform you’re currently watching this video on. 


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About me:

I’m Jordan Awori, a female entrepreneur, designer and design activist, born and bred in Nairobi and currently calling Frankfurt home. But my proudest role is as your friend and partner in your journey as a design entrepreneur.  I work with female design entrepreneurs just like you (in interior design, decor, product design and architecture) who want to: Build a successful business on their own terms,  create a steady stream of income, become great designers, fulfil their personal goals, face their fears and be part of a thriving community that unites authentic and supportive like-minded female design entrepreneurs. I know that’s a lot to promise, but that’s how confident I am in what we can do together. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Find out more about me and what resources I’ve created to help you and your business flourish Here.

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