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Naifurt Series

(Part of the ‘Eclecticism’ Collection)​

2023, Mixed Media on Paper

Naifurt is a diverse collage series that combines archive photos and maps from Nairobi and Frankfurt. It incorporates stitching and beadwork inspired by both cultures. 

As someone who has called Kenya home for most of their life, followed by three years in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, I’ve marveled at the surprising resemblances between these two worlds. Naifurt is a celebration of these remarkable commonalities, a testament to the notion that beneath our apparent differences, there exists a wealth of shared experiences that unite us.

In a world where divisions often take the forefront, Naifurt stands as a symbol of unity. By embracing eclecticism and drawing inspiration from various facets and periods of both Nairobi and Frankfurt, each piece embodies a harmonious blend. When you gaze upon these artworks, you’ll find it nearly impossible to discern where Nairobi ends and Frankfurt begins.

The Eclecticism collection comprises artworks that embrace an eclectic art style, seamlessly blending diverse sources of inspiration, various styles, and unique ideas within each piece. The aim is to explore and test the artistic boundaries, pushing my limits of creativity.

Naifurt 1 (150 x 390 mm)
Naifurt 1 (300 x 300 mm)

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