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My Kenyaness

(Part of the ‘Utambulisho’ Collection)​

14:46 mins, Audio

An artistic music mix that combines very short but significant parts of songs that have been the soundtrack of more than 30 years of my life in my home country of Kenya. I used the creation of this piece to help me through a depressive state and to demonstrate the power of music not only to rejuvenate but also to remind.

Remind one of who they were, are, and can be.

Remind one that they are more than just a title.

Remind one that one’s acceptance of any title isn’t a monolithic label.

So through these carefully curated 188 songs that are a soundtrack to my life, I let you experience my Kenyaness.

188 songs that transport me to the best, worst, and most nonchalant times, with each song tied to a specific memory that made me who I am today.

188 songs that let me taste, hear, and see my Kenyaness – my Africaness.

188 songs that remind me that my Kenyan/African identity is mine to understand as I choose.

The ‘Utambulisho’ collection (Swahili for Identity) consists of works that I’ve created to answer three crucial questions I’ve been contemplating most of my adult life: Who are we? How can we better understand our identity? and Why do we care to do so?
In essence, the collection serves as a visual testament to my quest to unravel the layers of our being, to better understand the intricate tapestry that forms our identities, and to spark a broader conversation about the importance of self-discovery in the human experience.

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