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The 'Mizizi' Edition

(Part of the Ukoo Collection)

The wall art installation (Mizizi is Swahili for Roots) explores the complex and nonlinear nature of the artist’s connection to her ancestry. The piece consists of a series of sections arranged in a cascading formation, with each section featuring a different part of the Artist’s lineage.

The central theme of the installation is the idea that our connection to our ancestry is not a linear one, but rather a complex web of interlocking roots and tendrils that enable and support each other. This idea is expressed through the use of organic shapes and visual textures loosely laying on the wall that evoke the natural world, as well as a dynamic and flowing composition that suggests movement and growth.

The section of the wall engulfed by the intricate network of lines and shapes that “move” along it, cutting the corner to the adjacent wall, suggests the interconnectedness of all things. The effect is both overwhelming and calming, evoking the sense of being rooted in a larger, more expansive network of relationships and connections.

Overall, the “Mizizi” wall art installation invites the viewer to contemplate their own connection to their ancestry and the larger web of relationships that make up our world. Its use of organic shapes and textures, combined with a dynamic and flowing composition, creates a sense of movement and growth that suggests the potential for ongoing transformation and renewal.

(The ‘Ukoo’ collection – meaning ‘Lineage’ in Swahili- is made up of works that the Artist creates to contemplate and reflect on the themes of ancestry, heritage, and the numerous threads that connect us all.)

Details: Paper installation on wall, 1480 x 890 mm

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