October 14th 2021

Have you been losing sleep for a while now because you’re faced with the harsh reality that your design business needs a serious shake-up to ensure its survival or growth? Do you feel that venturing into a new line of products or services for your existing target market or a whole new market would guarantee said survival/growth, but you aren’t even sure where to start, let alone how you can ensure success? Well, this Masterclass is exactly what you and your business need!


Jordan’s passion for design and mentorship came through very strongly during the masterclass. I absolutely learnt a great deal via her detailed presentation and personal approach, as well as engaging planned activities. Her energy and zeal is welcoming and wonderful. Thank you, Jordan – Maalika Kaazia (Interior Designer and Design Journalist)

Coming Soon

More Masterclasses that ensure you have access to all the resources you need to nurture your creativity, build a flourishing business and live a balanced life. Join the Waiting List to be the first to get updated when they are released. 

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