Honey And Dough Gourmet Restaurant (Nairobi) – Where Princesses Live (Part 1)

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and Nairobi’s newest gourmet cafe Honey and Dough has only been open for a few days when a little girl escorted by her mum enters the gourmet cafe and is overheard saying “Wow mum, is this where princesses live?”

Check out this first feature on the “princess home” to not only find out why people of all ages and sexes have fallen madly in love with its interior design but also what the creative designer of the brand had to say about what went into putting the space together and the cultural influences that were involved.


Part 2: The cultural review of honey and dough’s interior design and decor


If you’d like to find out more about HONEY AND DOUGH, the services they offer or to make a reservation check them out on their website, instagram or Facebook

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  • Area Kenya
  • Design Fields Interiors
  • Credits

    Shot: Imani pro photography, Edited: Jordan Awori

  • Music

    by Daahoud by RCABand

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