Managing a project is a load of hard work, whether you’re doing it independently or with an entire team. As such, I’m so excited to present to you this planner to support you every step of the way. 

Having been an interior decorator and product designer for many years and currently working with designers primarily in interior design, decor, product design and architecture to support them in the growth of their businesses. I put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that this planner perfectly fits you and your business needs. Making it easier and faster for you and your team to plan, track, execute and archive all your projects in one central location that you can access from most of your devices. 

Project Management, Client Presentation and Project Archiving

As such, I can confidently attest to these being some of the reasons why you’ll love this ideal Project Management Planner for your business:

  • You can use it for numerous projects meaning this one planner will last your business for years to come 
  • It can be used for numerous types of projects, whether interior design, decor, product design or architectural
  • The easiest way to keep track of tasks, timelines and payments to all parties involved in each stage of the project
  • You’ll never feel so upbeat, organised, and on track to having your projects running efficiently. 
  • It enables you to easily stay focused and prioritise what truly matters when managing your projects
  • Capture new ideas, lessons learned throughout every stage of your projects 
  • Use it to present designs to your client while away from the office.
  • Use it as an archive for all the essential parts of your projects
  • Manage all the parties involved in the project, ensuring transparency and efficient coordination 
  • No need to carry around tons of pens and paper, and as such, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Easy accessible across all your devices from anywhere and at any moment 

Outstanding features of this digital planner:

  • It comes with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planning pages that are not dated so that you can date them yourselves and use the planner for years to come. 
  • Numerous useful pages (break down of client details, fee proposals, and budget breakdown for all parties involved, project tasks broken down by duration and person handling it, log of all information and interactions, designs (proposals, approved and final), project archiving and so much more) are included so you can easily and efficiently run your projects.
  • Additional sections intentionally left blank for you to use for whatever you like
  • It is intuitively hyperlinked throughout for quick & easy navigation
  • Unlimited pens and colours inside the note-taking apps
  • Duplicate pages to save time 
  • Delete pages you don’t need
  • Easily erase notes or move them to a different location on the page
  • Easily add photos, sketches and pictures to your notes

Included in this incredibly detailed (portrait format) digital planner:

Watch this video to find out, plus you’ll get a guide on how you can use it.

The files included in your purchase:

  • 1 PDF interactive file (that you can only download once per purchase)

Requirements (not included in this purchase):

  1. Phone, computer, iPad or tablet (ideally used on an iPad or tablet)
  2. Use this planner with these recommended note-taking apps:
    • IOS devices (synchronise all All of your changes between iPhone, iPad, and Mac using iCloud): Goodnotes, Notability and Noteshelf
    • Android devices: Noteshelf 
    •  Windows PC: Xodo
  3. A stylus like the Apple Pencil if you prefer handwriting your notes. But do note that typing is also an option on most note-taking apps.

Please note:

  • This planner is a digital product (that’ll be emailed to you once you make payment), which means no physical product will be shipped to you. 
  • Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. This means I will not accept requests for refunds, cancellation,s or exchanges, so please consider the product carefully before placing an order. Please feel free to ask me any questions before you purchase, and do note that you can always contact me upon purchase if you have any problems with your order.
  • This planner is for personal use only. You may not share, sell, alter, or replicate this product or any product of this planner. By purchasing this product, you agree to my terms of use.
  • I do not offer customized designs
  • Devices (e.g. phone, tablet, etc.), stylus, and apps are not included in your purchase.
  • This digital planner will not work in Evernote or OneNote.
  • It is not intended for this digital planner to be printed out.
  • After importing the Digital Notebook in GoodNotes, you must have the “read-only” button selected to click the tabs.

How to download and import the planner:

Check out this step-by-step guide to find out how to import it into the appropriate note-taking app on your desired device after you have purchased it.

Buy now to get started perfectly managing your design projects today!

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