Design Indaba 2020 (Highlights And Behind The Scenes)

Hey, so in this video I’ll be showing you the highlights and behind the scenes of my upcoming feature where I got to interview 10 speakers, 1 exhibitor, 1 emerging designer and a fellow journalist at this year’s Design Indaba conference, during their 25th year anniversary, that was held in Cape town from the 26th to the 28th of February.



Next video: Episode 1: Creatives And Their Evolution. Design Indaba 2020 Edition (Ravi Naidoo) 


Find out about DESIGN INDABA on their Website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


Snippet video credits:

1. Meet The speakers At Design Indaba 2020

2. Nightscape Design Indaba Festival 2018


Additional music:

Queezy: from his set performance at DID2020 (26/02/2020)

Blinky Bill: from his set performance at DID2020 (27/02/2020),

Sho Majozi: Kona

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  • Area South Africa
  • Design Fields Interiors
  • Credits

    Jordan Awori

  • Music

    by 21 Phio Smooth Jazz House 3 by Inium_Effectoid

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