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Decolonial Personalities of Democracy

Commissioned artwork for Frankfurt Postkolonial’s ‘Decolonial personalities of democracy’ project (On exhibition during Panel Discussion)

– Currently on Display at medico house Frankfurt –

2023, Digital

These fingerprint portraits depict the essence of diversity and the profound impact that individuals of different races have had on Germany’s democratic journey. Each one symbolizing the unique and significant role played by these remarkable individuals.

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, the contributions made by these individuals are distinct and unparalleled. They have woven together a vibrant mosaic, enriching the fabric of Germany’s democracy. Serving as a testament to their struggles, achievements, and the mark they have left on Germany’s history.

Through these artworks, my intention was to break away from conventional representations. No longer will the narratives of these extraordinary individuals be marginalized or overshadowed.

By showcasing these fingerprint portraits, I invite reflection and introspection. I challenge Germany to embrace diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of its society. To honor those who have persevered and triumphed against adversity, inspiring Germany to build a democracy that values and uplifts every voice.

Let these fingerprint portraits remind us that democracy knows no boundaries of race or origin. It flourishes when we acknowledge the richness and diversity of collective experiences. Together, let us continue to shape a democracy that truly embraces the invaluable role played by each and every one of its contributors.

The pieces were displayed during the Remembering and shaping democracy Panel Discussion by Frankfurt Post Colonial.


Panel discussion with presentation of the project “Decolonial Personalities of Democracy”
16/05/2023 – 7:30 p.m
medico house, Lindleystrasse 15, 60314 Frankfurt

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the German National Assembly Paulskirche in Frankfurt, the municipal Paulskirchenfest will take place from May 18th to 21st, 2023 and the Paulskirche network will organize the Frankfurt Democracy Days from May 12th to 17th, during which decentralized in Frankfurt with democratic co-determination is dealt with. Democratic participation, a culture of remembrance and the design of processes were and are shaped by inclusion and exclusion along the lines of social power relations. Mirrianne Mahn, Dr. Onur Suzan Nobrega and Jeanne Nzakizabandi take a post- and decolonial look at these issues, moderated by Aisha Camara as part of a project highlighting pioneering voices in discourse.

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