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Auditing My Expectations seeks to illustrate her struggle to find an internal balance between the two worlds and the eventual achievement of it.

In the short film, the artist (part of the 33 to 34 collection) audits her expectations for her life during a transitional phase based on the African and western cultures that play a significant role in her life.

In the piece, the viewer sees representations of the metaphorical shoes the artist has had to fill to check off societal boxes from two different cultures – that of her home country of Kenya and her current residence in Germany. Deliberately filmed in ambiguous locations in a simple format with merely a camera phone, ‘Auditing My Expectations’ is a testament to the power and finding one’s truth and letting that guide you through life.

Auditing My Expectations- short film by Jordan Awori


Director, Writer, Producer and Cast: Jordan Awori


Type: Short
Runtime: 3 minutes 22 seconda


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