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Are you a female entrepreneur in interior design, decor, product design or architecture? If so, I’m your go-to friend and partner, providing you with the resources, advice and community you need to feel empowered, supported and confident to build your version of a successful business and live a balanced life.

Seeing that you’re on this page, it’s probably safe to say there are a couple of things you’d like to know about me and what I can do for you. So whether you stumbled upon one of my videos or posts online or someone you trust mentioned me, I’m happy you’ve taken some time to be here. I offer you incredible resources and ideas that will help you change your business and life for the better.

Here’s a little info on me so you can see why I’m confident that we can start something beautiful together.

Who am I and what can I do for you?

I’m a female entrepreneur, designer and design activist, born and bred in Nairobi and currently calling Frankfurt home. But my proudest role is as your friend and partner in your journey as a design entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how challenging it can be to manage the more practical elements of your business when really what you want to do is what you love – to create timeless, unique designs.

I learnt this the hard way when I was practising as an interior decorator and product designer. I struggled to balance the practicalities of running the business and servicing my clients. As a result, I was overworked, overwhelmed and not living the life I really wanted. This stunted my creativity, put unnecessary pressure on me, and cost me a whole load of money. 

So, I created and developed the tools and resources I needed to flourish personally and professionally, enabling me to have a growing business that still allowed me to be creative,  act as an activist and live a well-balanced life. The more I worked through this, the more I realised others needed it to.

Now, I work with female design entrepreneurs just like you who want to: Build a successful business on their own terms,  create a steady stream of income, become great designers, fulfil their personal goals, face their fears and be part of a thriving community that unites authentic and supportive like-minded female design entrepreneurs. I know that’s a lot to promise, but that’s how confident I am in what we can do together.

your friend and partner

Don’t expect perfection or stale-boardroom professionalism from me. I’m your friend and partner, remember? Instead, this journey together will be one where you can kick off your shoes, relax, laugh, cry, scream if you need to, all to grow you and your business.

Let’s be honest; running a business is hard as hell! But you now have me to bring you the right information and people that make it easier and lets you enjoy the ride.




helping female design entrepreneurs live a balanced life that nurtures creativity, supports business growth and allows you to flourish. 

Easy to Implement

Great information! I love your honesty, and it's quite easy to implement the tips you give. I know I still have a long way to go to get my business where it needs to be, but I'm happy that I'm now moving in the right direction.
Neta (Canada)

great source of advice

I enjoyed reading your E-book—it was a great source of needed much advice. The best part was all the software and apps you recommended. I don't know how I have been managing my life without some of these.
Lena (South Africa)
the balancing act,aint an act by Jordan Awori

Let's do this!

Join my Partner List. 

If you are ready to boot the status quo, start running your business, and live your life on your terms, then my Partner List is definitely for you. Join now and never miss out on all the information that’ll help take you and your design business to great heights.

As a thank you, you’ll get my fantastic (and free) E-book. ‘The Balancing Act, Ain’t An Act! – All you need to know to balance your entrepreneurial and personal life successfully’. In it, I walk you through the fundamentals of balancing your life so that your business, creativity, and personal desires can flourish.

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