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Jordan Rita Seruya Awori (b.1988) is an unapologetically loud-mouthed, emotionally charged, black, queer Kenyan woman, currently residing in Frankfurt, Germany. With a distinctive blend of cultural influences and experiences, Jordan’s artistry defies categorization. Her interdisciplinary approach transcends boundaries, aiming to ignite challenging dialogues and provoke introspective contemplation that ultimately sparks meaningful change.


My art is my secret weapon, my cozy corner of solace, and the megaphone for my voice. It’s my mission to unleash the formidable force of art to stir the pot of change. I’m a firm believer that art has the power to grab society by the collar and make it confront its deepest truths, its most ridiculous prejudices, and all those misconceptions that need a lot of dusting off. My work, to me at least, is an unabashed celebration of creative expression, an unfiltered assertion that takes traditional norms and gives them a colorful spin. Through my art and short films, I’m on a mission to challenge your beliefs, rock the boat of the status quo, and inspire you to dive deeper into the enigmatic labyrinth of the human experience.

Also Part of:

Watu Art Collective, Frankfurt Postcolonial and

Features and Showcases



  • Goddess II’ virtual group exhibition (23.02.24 – 31.03.24)
  • Postcards From The Edge 2023 (Visual AIDS) – Newyork


  • Berlin Art Institute Artspring open house exhibition – Berlin
  • Postcards From The Edge 2023 (Visual AIDS) – Newyork
  • Action against Hate: Diversity & Religion (University Of Westminster) – London




  • The Women of Firsts (Roseli Cafe And Bar) – Frankfurt
  • Remembering and shaping democracy (Frankfurt Post Colonial) – Frankfurt 


  • BGHRA 2022 Conference: All Black Lives Matter
  • Boden International Film Festival
  • Berlin Indie Film Festival
  • Venice Intercultural Film Festival
  • 1st Monthly Film Festival – Belgrade
  • Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @ PinewoodStudios
  • Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions – hosted by Lift-Off Global Network
  • First-Time Filmmaker Sessions @ Pinewood Studios
  • Moody Crab Film Fest: India



  • BGHRA 2023 Conference: Art as Resistance (Transcultural Expressions)



  • Goddess Arts magazine – issue 13 (March/April 2024)
  • Suboart magazine (April issue)




Contact and Studio:

Basis Studios

Gutleutstraße 8-12

60329 Frankfurt am Main

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